Work package / Task
WP 1: User and system requirements, architecture and security
T1.1: User requirements 
T1.2: Data models: news and social media sentiment
T1.3: Data models: market data
T1.4: Privacy and security
T1.5: System requirements: data management for news and social media sentiment
T1.6: System requirements: data management for market data
T1.7: System requirements: risk assessment models
T1.8: System architecture: fundamental structure, content management and database
Milestone: Requirement review
WP 2: Data management and processing
T2.1: Data collection, preparation and storing: news and social media sentiment score data
T2.2: Data collection, preparation and storing: macroeconomic and market data
Milestone: Datawarehouse design approval
WP 3: News and sentiment evaluation: announcements, news and social media contents
T3.1: Ontology definition
T3.2: Event research: macroeconomic announcements and news
T3.3: Event research: fundamental data
T3.4: Sentiment classification
T3.5: Trustworthiness and relevance analysis
Milestone: Sentiment design review
WP 4: Development of sentiment-enhanced key figures
T4.1: Effect research: inference of news events and bond prices
T4.2: Sentiment impact evaluation
T4.3: Integration of sentiments to default probabilities and rating migration
T4.4: Integration of sentiments to price and volatility prediction of Fixed Income products
Milestone: Preliminary key figure design
WP 5: Development of news-enhanced risk control decision model for Fixed Income products
T5.1: Risk metrics for Fixed Income products
T5.2: Sentiment-enhanced credit risk assessment model
T5.3: Scenario-based evaluation of sentiment-enhanced risk model
Milestone: Completion of risk module for business logic
WP 6: Decision support system: integration and system validation
T6.1: DSS integration and refinement
T6.2: DSS prototype refinement
T6.3: Graphical user interface for risk assessment software
T6.4: Technical assessment of the demonstrator
T6.5: DSS handbook
T6.6: Assessment of risk management tool 
Milestone: DSS prototype
Milestone: Refined final DSS prototype
WP 7: Dissemination and exploitation
T7.1: Building a complete dissemination plan
T7.2: Dissemination activities: workshops and scientific papers
T7.3: Dissemination activities: conferences
T7.4: Complete exploitation strategy
Milestone: Finalization of dissemination activities
WP 8: Project management
T8.1: Project management Acatis
T8.2: Project management ITWM
T8.3: Project management OptiRisk
T8.4: Project management PS Quant
Milestone: First progress review
Milestone: Second progress review
Milestone: Third progress review
Milestone: Final progress review